Friday, October 1, 2010

A Day of Healing

Part of the plan on this trip was to give each mother an opportunity to have a memorial service for her son or daughter.

We did this on Thursday at a beautiful place called Lake Dukon. We had a nice lunch that included ice cubes! After lunch each mother had some quiet time or sharing time with a friend or Iraqi mom. One mother showed her son's memorial service, another sat quietly reflecting, one mom buried a little red heart in the sand to represent the part of her heart that will always be in Iraq. Several moms sat together reading books or Bibles or writing in journals. There are several of us on this trip who participate in the Lord's Super so one of the mom's got bread and juice from the restaurant and a group of us, sitting outside overlooking beautiful Lake Dukon had communion. We read the scripture and each person took communion the way they do in their own church. It was very moving. I wonder what our Iraqi sisters thought of this. I can assure you they were all watching. After the communion we gathered in a circle where each Gold Star mom said a few words about their child. One mom sang a song she had written. Each mother had an opportunity to speak then several of the Iraqi women spoke about how grateful they were for each mothers sacrifice. We ended by singing Amazing Grace, with a circle full of Muslims.

God works in mysterious ways.


  1. Thanks Cindy for all your wonderful posts and all your pictures. It is nice keeping us informed. Be safe.

  2. Cindy, this is beautiful. I appreciate the emotion that you portray in your blog. It's great. I almost feel as if I'm there.

  3. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey.