Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Anfal Widows

Without getting into too much history, The Anfal Widows group was formed after Saddam Hussein's regime launched chemical warfare against the Iraqi Kurds, targeting mostly men. This left many widows and at the time it was against the law for a woman to remarry. It is no longer against the law but the majority of these women have never remarried.

First we all watched a documentary of the chemical attacks and some of the widows were openly upset. Some cried, some covered their eyes and couldn't watch. One sweet lady just looked down through the entire documentary, wringing her hands. They estimate that over 182,000 people were killed during the campaign.

The Widows came to show their appreciation and thanks to the Gold Star Moms. Even after 22 years, the pain registers on the faces of these women like it happened yesterday. I have never witnessed "thanks" expressed like this.



  1. Cindy, you're doing a great job of letting people know what is going on. Thanks.

  2. I got this blog from Amy Galvez, on my Facebook page. I have been reading raptly, wishing that I was there with you all! I would love to visit the country where my son's life ended. Maybe sometime. Cindy? Keep it are doing a fantastic job and are making it real for me. Love the blog and the pictures are wonderful!